How flynova fidget spinner can help kids


Nowadays, virtually every kid has an iPad, a tablet, an iPhone or any other smart device through which they have direct access to the internet and its vast cache of unlimited possibilities.

The truth is our definition of what a toy is in today's modern society where science and technology play a crucial role in what we do and how we do it, naked the definition to be very much different from what it was associated with decades ago.

kids become addicted to tablets and smart phones

As much as this exposure has its benefits in your child's learning process, especially in our digital age, it also has its negative side effects, especially when it leads to a deficiency in other vital aspects of development.

This may be due to the fact that from a young tender age, their own definition of what a plaything is, becomes too far-fetched from its traditional meaning.

When your child becomes too engrossed in such ‘non-traditional toys', it becomes a huge problem, especially in regard to adequate development in other social, mental, interactive and physical skills.

Luckily enough, there are some very creative ideas that tactically integrate bits of science & technology into innovative toys that are designed to capture and interest your kids in the same manner that any other sophisticated device would, exempt from its flaws and disadvantages.

kids play with flynova toy

One such innovation is Flynova which is a mind-blowing toy that is designed with several cool features to enhance its use as a plaything and therefore serves as an effective and healthy fun item that can assist you in solving a host of problems that you may be experiencing with your kids.

Some of these problems may include :

1. Decreased face to face interaction

When your child is constantly playing with a tablet or a smartphone to keep themselves occupied. They spend half of their time staring down at the screen. This means that they are obviously getting more screen time than face time which is not a healthy practice.

decreased face to face issue

To change this addictive habit whereby your child is deeply engrossed into their smart devices, you need to find a solution that could equally capture their interest while reducing the amount of time they spend staring at a screen and instead shift towards actual face time with you.

Flynova's Fidget Spinner is a fantastic replacement to fix this problem. Not only can this superb toy serves as a new plaything for your kids. But it increases playtime and improves the level of face time they have with you.

Their siblings or peers because they would want someone to play with them or share in their newly discovered entertainment which is not only fun but also serves as a means of reducing the amount of time they spend on a screen.

flynova flying fidget spinner

2. Lack of interest in other areas

Most times when a child is addicted to an activity that does not trigger their thinking skills or requires them putting in additional efforts to learning something new, they do not see the need to improve their imaginative or creative side, making them lose interest in any other area that requires such skill set.

There is a 99% chance i don't care!

Thankfully, Flynova's Fidget Spinner designer comes packed with certain features that compel its user to channel some bit of time and effort into figuring out how it works in order to unlock its unlimited tricks which can only be perfected through constant practice and trials.

This act arouses interest in their young minds and fuels their curiosity until they get it right and become pros in its use.

3. Reduction in focus and concentration

Children and young kids are easily drawn in by anything that captures them visually as they are quickly captivated by images, videos, etc.

If left unchecked and fueled by your support, then your child becomes more inclined to slowly drift away from the real world into a virtual world where nothing is real, and everything is portrayed as perfect.

A problem arises when they are so used to these devices that they always want to use one in order to feed their minds. 

The uncontrolled and constant use of graphic and visual smart devices when uncontrolled and in excess can make your child become less focused and observant of his immediate environment.

This may lead to an imbalance where your child starts losing touch with the real world.

Although you trying to curb this in its later stage can be met with some very intense resistance, the smart approach would be to replace what they are currently used to, with something less distracting.

child concentration

You can always replace screen time with an actual plaything like Flynova, a fascinating flying fidget spinner toy with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform amazing tricks and stunts while in the air.

This creative toy can be played both indoors and outdoors. This helps your growing child to become conversant with his or her immediate environment and absorb everything in rather than being filled with thoughts of an unrealistic world.

Here is 9 great tips to improve concentration for your kids. 

4. Reluctance to interact with their peers

As a parent, you need to be very cautious and be on the lookout for certain elements that can push your child into seclusion.

The truth is your childrens are surrounded by these elements such as; smartphones, tablets, video games, etc. which has its own way of isolating your kids indirectly especially when they spend half of their time using one.

This is not a healthy habit especially at an early age because it may hinder the proper development of their social skills.

It is crucial for your kids to form healthy relationships with their peers or siblings most especially at a tender age.

One of the ways you can promote this is by creating an environment where they can play, interact and have fun with others. This enables them to find a common ground to relate on a personal level.

Social skills development at a young age is of immense importance and is very valuable in strengthening their ability to initiate contact, communicate effectively and develop healthy relationships with other kids as they grow.

Don't get me wrong, technology has its plus sides, but you need to put limits on their access. You kids need to relate with real people and not addictive gadgets.

A smart move on your part would be to set up playdates or slumber parties and during that time make provisions for games and toys that foster cohesion or team spirit with their friends.

And Hey! A Flynova would be a superb addition to the toys, because of the various ways it could be used to the fun due to the remarkable maneuvers and endless tricks it could be used for. Thereby making it a creative yet awesome addition for the group.

How flynova fidget spinner can help kids

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